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About Us


“The sun doesn't lose its beauty when covered by the clouds. The same way your beauty doesn't fade when being covered by Hijab.”

– Angelina Jolie

Our Mission

To meet the need of the young Muslim generation that are struggling with the impact of social media we decided to make a change starting in Ottawa. Our mission started by traveling to Turkey, Istanbul where we explored the many clothing manufacturing companies looking for a start. After an extensive and exhausting search, we found our brand! Our products are imported and handpicked to ensure they are high quality and that each piece is unique.


Our Story

Heba Boutique is an Ottawa based company that started in 2016 after rebranding another clothing store that had started in 2010. Living in Ottawa, we found it challenging to find modern/modest clothes so we decided to take a step to help our community in resolving this challenge. 

In Ottawa, we have a big community which lacked a clothing store that specialized in modern clothing so we decided to start our journey in meeting this need.After a successful launch to our company, and positive feedback from our customers we have taken the next step by making our brand accessible to all Muslim Women in North America and Inshallah all around the world.

We over a short span of time outgrew our location and opened a bigger location in Ottawa in 2019. The positive feedback from our clients continues, and we have been getting requests to open new locations in Montreal, Toronto, Texas, and NY to name a few. We have decided to take the next step in making our brand accessible to all Muslim Women in North America and inshallah soon to be all around the world!